Via our website information about church activities is shared. Pinkstergemeente Amsterdam honours the protection of people’s privacy and therefore we have set up a policy about posting personal information and photographs on the website. When dealing with personal information we take extra care and personal information is not kept longer than needed.

Purpose processing
As a local church we value personal involvement and meeting around the Word of God. For this reason personal information is shared and interchanged. Personal information is used for admin purposes, organising gatherings etc.  

Personal information of church members are only published on our website when needed in a function or specific purpose. Careful consideration about how much information is shared is practiced. When possible only email addresses with the domain name are used.

Photograph’s of church activities are, when possible, placed in a secure environment. When photograph’s are placed in a non-secured environment, church members will be notified beforehand, who can then respond if they do not wish to have the photographs published. All photograph’s will be screened in advance. With the publication of photograph’s we keep track of composition and how people are featured in the photograph. Of course there is aways room to object about a published photograph. Published photograph’s will never contain names of the people in the photograph.  

Whenever you have an objection about a published photograph that pictures you, you can send an email with the reason of your objection to:
If your reason is valid the photograph will be removed from the website as asap.  

Use of personal information
Do you have any questions about the use of (your) personal information? Get in contact with the AVG contact person via:

Collection of personal information
While you visit our website some of your information is collected like hard – and software of your computer. This includes your IP-address, browser type, domain name and time spend on the website. This information is used to improve our website for future visitors. This kind of data is collected by most websites and are anonymous.  

Use of your personal information
When you register for an activity via our website, you will be asked for your name, email address and some other information. These personal details will not be sold or given to third parties or used for commercial use.

Broadcasting church services
For the livestream a recording-free zone will be available for people that do not wish to be filmed for the livestream, also for example during an alter call that will be a recording free zone you can go to for prayer. Images of the church service are temporarily stored and can only be viewed by church members or regular visitors, who can watch the service via a YouTube link that will be send via email (members that cannot come due to illness and members of the church council).

Publication in Media
In general publications always a link to the website will be available where the Privacy Statement can be consulted by pressing the Privacy Statement button wherein is explained how we are using all private data. Also in publications on the website this possibility will be shown.   

Security camera’s
In our building there are security camera’s. These give a view on the entree, wardrobe and emergency exit. These images are not published, unless the court askes them specifically.

Use of Social Media
Our Facebook group is a closed group, used only for members and people are only allowed on the page after approval of the administrator.

Use of Member list
The member list is hosted by our administrator. This administrator will get instruction from the board how to safe keep the personal information of church members and the sharing of this information.
This information will never be given or sold for commercial purposes.

The addresses of sick church members are not published. Cards for the sick can be posted in the designated post-box and will be send out by the church secretary.